Cut Make Trim/Fully Factored

We offer an efficient CMT operation. Just supply us with your fully-graded patterns, cloth, trims and technical specifications and let us take care of the rest.

Pattern Making and Grading

In addition to our own in-house resource we have some of the best pattern makers in the business. We will work with you throughout the development process to ensure you are happy with the final sample.

Production Capacity

With capacity to make up to 2000 garments a month we are big enough to meet high volume business requirements but flexible enough to produce smaller runs, depending on your business needs.

Alteration Services

We also have a separate seamstress dedicated to garment alterations. We work with retailers finishing garments to customers final fit


In addition to our resource we also offer pleating. The types of machine pleating we offer are knife pleat, box pleat, umbrella pleat, straight pleat.

Woven Labels Production

We supply the highest quality woven labels and clothing labels used by a wide variety of end users from the home sewing and knitting enthusiast to the designers in the garment trade.


Dyeing facility that is capable of handling many types of fabric and zips, our company can meet your requirements with good quality and short delivery times.


We have a hand and computerized embroidery sampling unit. We undertake production orders from various clients by tying up with some of the most efficient and capable partners.

Customized Rails, Hangers and Packaging

Do you want to make your product attractive to consumers and become the First One or the Only One to be purchased? Therefore you just have to present it on the market by using the best packaging.